Rubber Strip

Matting’s tactile guidance system is a tactile and visual product specially designed for indoor and outdoor floor spaces. Its surface is easy to detect due to its high visual contrast with the floor. Due to the rubber material the tiles are non-slip even in humid conditions, they are wheelchair-friendly and eliminate the tripping hazard. The tiles are glued onto existing floors and surfaces without damaging them. They can be placed on platforms, stairs, ramps, hallways, elevators, etc.

Technical specifications

Dimensions (+/- 1mm) NCS Art. no.
Material Rubber. Temperature range +40°/+10°
Colour: RAL 7016 Dark grey
188 x 1950 x 5 mm
0,24 362201*
Strip 400 x 2500 x 5 mm 0,24 362203*
Colour: RAL 7040 Light grey
Strip 188 x 1950 x 5 mm 0,62 362200
Colour: RAL 9003 White
Strip 300 x 2100 x 5 mm 0,83 362205
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