Supporting you in every way.

Making buildings more accessible is a major challenge. Both because few have the expertise and because the regulations are difficult to interpret. At Matting, we support you throughout the process – from evaluating the accessibility needs of your building to planning the guidance systems and installing them in accordance with legal requirements.

From the very start.

We help you analyse your building’s accessibility needs, the areas that need to be linked by a guidance system and what obstacles exist – such as level differences in the form of stairs. It is important to get it right from the start, avoiding costly modifications at a later stage. That is why we like to be involved from early in the process. We have the expertise required to install guidance systems that are functional and customised to the environment. We perform exhaustive requirement analyses. And we also have the resources to manage the whole project from start to finish. The result is a sustainable solution that complies with existing laws and regulations. And most importantly, guides users wherever they want to go.

High-visibility guidance systems for all environments.

Visually impaired people need clear identification points to find their way around. We provide both visual and tactile (tangible) guidance systems for both indoor and outdoor environments. Our range is available in a variety of materials to suit different floor surfaces and environments.


Provides a high-contrast floor and has a sound-absorbing effect, which is important in environments such as hospitals.

Stainless steel

Guidance systems in stainless steel are a highly durable alternative suitable for all types of floor surfaces, both indoors and outdoors.


Adds a strong personality and long durability to all types of environments and floor surfaces, indoor and outdoors.


Our guidance systems in aluminium are available with inserts in several colours and surfaces, making them easy to customise to the environment.


Guidance systems in three colours with double-sided 3M tape for indoor use.

Tactile/visual entrance solutions

We create visually and tactilely (tangible) entrance solutions with contrasting markings for all types of environments.  

We have the tools.

Expertise is our most important tool when installing guidance systems and making buildings and environments more accessible. We know the requirements for all surfaces and have the experience and methods for correctly installing the products. We collaborate with floor and tile installation companies throughout Sweden. When you employ us for the installation you can be sure that it will be carried out by highly trained personnel, all of whom have the professional expertise required for installing Tactile Flooring.  

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