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Matting Solutions focuses on concepts that result in accessible, functional and safe public entrances and environments. In our decades in the business, we have gathered a wealth of knowledge and expertise. The focus of our vision is sustainable living. And we want the environments in which we live to be accessible and safe for everyone. With the next generation in mind, we place great emphasis and value on our sustainability work.



For us at Matting, sustainability is an important part of our work. Therefore, we are proud to inform you that our ECO Brass range has received a high rating from the Byggvarubedömningen and that they also meet the requirements of the Miljöbyggnad Guld & BREEAM for an active choice of product for a better environment.

"The new alloy combines good corrosion properties and strength with significantly better environmental performance."

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From the very start.

We help you analyse your building’s accessibility needs, identify which areas need to be linked by a guidance system and what obstacles exist – such as level differences in the form of stairs. When it comes to accessibility, it is smart to get it right from the start, avoiding costly modifications at a later stage.

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High-visibility guidance systems for all environments.

Visually impaired people need highly visible guidance markings to find their way around. We provide both visually and tactilely contrasting markings and acoustic guidance systems for indoor and outdoor environments. Our range has been developed in collaboration with the leading specialists in the industry and is available in a variety of materials to suit different floor surfaces and environments.

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We have the tools.

Expertise is our most important tool when installing guidance systems and making buildings and environments more accessible. We know the requirements for all surfaces and have the experience and methods for correctly installing the products.

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Reference customer

Sundsvall Hospital

The entrance to Sundsvall Hospital was made more accessible with the rubber tactile guidance system from Matting. This material is sound-absorbing and slip-resistant, two important factors in a hospital environment. The products are wheelchair-friendly and present no trip hazard. They are glued onto existing floors and surfaces without damaging them.

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