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Contrast markings – sunken or raised

Contrast markings to alert and guide people with impaired vision in connection with level differences in the surface such as a staircase where the top and bottom steps are marked. The markings are available as a solid line or as circles, they have a slightly raised surface to reduce the risk of skidding. Choose between recessing the markings through countersinking or through placing them on top of the surface.

The installation is performed by a specialist.

Technical specifications

Dimensions (+/- 1mm)Article noArticle no
OUTDOOROrdered in running metres.BlackWhite
Circle sunken
Ø52 mm415015*415003*
Line sunken
52 mm415016*415004*
Line sunken
100 mm415017*415005*
Circle raised
Ø50 mm415020*415009*
Line raised50 x 1000 mm415021*415010*
Line raised100 x 1000 mm415022*415011*
INDOOROrdered in running metres.BlackWhite
Circle sunken
Ø52 mm415012*415000*
Line sunken
52 mm415013*415001*
Line sunken
100 mm415014*415002*
Circle raised
Ø50 mm415018*415006*
Line raised50 x 1000 mm415019*415007*
* The products come from Evacuare.


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