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Acrylic guidance systems

Matting Tactile Acrylic Guide Strip is installed at specified intervals to guide the visually impaired. The strip consists of acrylic profiles with a slightly napped surface to minimise the slip risk and it is fitted with self-adhesive 3M tape on the reverse side for simple installation. The profiles’ longitudinal sides are chamfered and have contrasting colours and are available in four colours: white, black, grey and yellow. The profiles (12) are mounted on a large sheet and are simply cut into individual profiles. When installing, remove the tape’s covering paper on the reverse side. The profiles can also be used as contrast markings.

Technical specifications

Dimensions (+/- 1mm)Art. no
MaterialAcrylic Rowmark Textures. 3M 467 tape on the back. Sheet: 610 x 1 238 mm. UV-stable.
Guide strip, acrylic white
48 x 1 200 x 1.8 mm0,94362529
Guide strip, acrylic black
48 x 1 200 x 1.8 mm0,12362530
Guide strip, acrylic grey
48 x 1 200 x 1.8 mm0,53362531
Guide strip, acrylic yellow
48 x 1 200 x 1.8 mm0,85362532
Door marking, acrylic blackØ70 x 1,8 mm0,12362533


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