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Polyurethane tiles

The polyurethane tactile guidance system from Matting is a tactile, visual product suitable for indoor and outdoor surfaces. These tiles are easy to detect thanks to the high level of visual contrast with the surface. The material and sandblasted surface mean that these non-slip panels are safe to walk on even in damp conditions. The tiles are bonded onto existing surfaces, installation on a dry surface (above +5°C). Can be placed in very busy areas.


• Clear difference from the adjacent surface in terms of colour and sound.
• Soundproofing.
• Wheelchair-friendly.
• Quick and easy installation.
• Easy to keep clean.
• Long service life.
• UV-stable (not valid for white).

Technical specifications

 Dimensions (+/- 1mm)NCSArt no
MaterialUV-stable thermoplastic polyurethane Bayer Desmopan 3055DU.  
Route tile TPU
Route tile, white
 300 x 300 x 5 mm
Route tile, black300 x 300 x 5 mm0,16362686
Route tile, grey300 x 300 x 5 mm0,63362687
Route tile TPU
Route tile, white
150 x 450 x 5 mm w tape
Route tile, black150 x 450 x 5 mm w tape0,16362721
Route tile, white150 x 450 x 5 mm wo tape0,94362730*
Route tile, black150 x 450 x 5 mm wo tape0,16362731
Warning tile TPU
Warning tile , white413 x 450 x 5,5 mm0,94362688*
Warning tile , black413 x 450 x 5,5 mm0,16362689
Warning tile , grey413 x 450 x 5,5 mm0,63362690
Adhesive TPU
Adhesive Murexin TPU10,2 kg 362695

* Route tile TPU White is not UV-stable and recommended for indoor use only.


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