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Contrast marking for glass surfaces

Contrast markers for glass surfaces made from coloured film for a better finish and durability. Two-colour markers are recommended to ensure you get as much contrast as possible in varying light conditions. This is because the background will vary depending on where it is being viewed from, and whether the lights in the building are on or off, for example. Our round, two-coloured standard markers, “half-moons”, always provide good contrast no matter what is behind them. These are stock items, available in 50 mm and 75 mm sizes. We can also manufacture markers to order, and the sky’s the limit with this service. The markers are installed by a specialist.

Please contact us if you would like to use your own design or order a different size, or if you need any help with installation.

Technical specifications

Dimensions (+/- 1mm)
Material:Film. Ordered in running metres. Colours: Two-coloured black/white (half-moons) and single-coloured.Black/whiteBlackWhite
Circle, two-coloured
Ø50 mm415031
Circle, two-coloured
Ø75 mm415033
Circle, black
Ø50 mm415035
Circle, black
Ø75 mm415036
Circle, whiteØ50 mm415028
Circle, whiteØ75 mm415029
Film straight line50 mm415034415030


Product sheet

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