Aluminium Tactile Guidance

Matting Tactile Guidance System Aluminium is installed according to specified intervals in order to provide guidance to visually impaired people. These route markers are made up of aluminium profiles with inlays of self-adhesive strips that are available in black and white, with a grainy, non-slip surface. The route markers are installed by bonding or taping them to the floor.

The contrast strip is made from aluminium and covered with two coats of paint and two coats of lacquer containing crushed glass. The underside of the strip is coated with adhesive 3M 468MP and bonded to the recess of the profile.

Technical specifications

Dimensions (+/- 1mm) NCS lightness value Art no
Material: Aluminium Height: 2 mm
Aluminium profile 1,25 m
57 x 1 250 x 2 mm  - 415040
Aluminium profile with pre-taped back 1,25 m (3M)
57 x 1 250 x 2 mm - 415045
Contrast strip 1 m, white
50 x 1 000 x 0,2 mm 0,93 415007
Contrast strip 1 m, black
50 x 1 000 x 0,2 mm  0,12 415019



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