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Aluminium profile mat TLS with tactile guide strip

emco entrance matting with tactile guide strip for indoor use (zone 3) and covered outdoor entrances (zone 2). Choose between Diplomat and Marschall variants. The system has contrasting colours in two profile heights. Choose between needle-loom and rubber inserts or a combination of both. The optional surface is a square (350×350 mm) with a smooth surface.

Manufactured from aluminium profiles, with needle-loominserts (standard) and a sound-insulating substrate. Profiles have alternating heights of 17 and 22 mm.
Needle-loom colours: Anthracite 200 and Light Grey 220

emco Diplomat 1 mm
Heavy use: Average footfall from 400 – 2,000/day. e.g. offices, banks, schools, stores.

emco Marschall 2,5 mm
Very heavy use: Average footfall from 2,000/day and more. e.g. heavily frequented entrance areas such as shopping centres, airports or similar.

Needle-loom colours: Antracite 200 and Light Grey 220

Rubber colour: Black

Technical specifications

Thickness (+/- 1mm)
emco Diplomat 1 mm
22 mm
522 G/TLS
Needle loom22 mm522 R/TLS
Needle loom/Rubber22 mm522 RG/TLS
emco Marschall 2,5 mm
22 mm
522 SG/TLS
Needle loom22 mm522 SR/TLS
Needle loom/Rubber22 mm522 SRG/TLS


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