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Aluminium profile mat ATF with tactile guide strip

Complement the entrance mat with a tactile guidance system for increased accessibility. The guide rail is added with contrasting color to the entrance mat and it has two different profile heights to create a tactile feel. The guide strip consists of 7 profiles.

A smart system of aluminium strips and various different inserts makes the Entrance ALU mat extremely effective. Ribbed, rubber or brushes – the type of entrance you have determines which inserts you need.

Entrance mat consisting of  inserts:
  An entrance mat consisting of rubber inserts in aluminium sections provides a highly durable mat that scrapes off most of the coarse dirt before it reaches the entrance. Inserts are ideal for zones 1 or 2, in an entrance with three separate zones. For outdoor and indoor use.

SCRAPER INSERT An entrance mat consisting of scraper inserts in aluminium profiles provides a mat with an additional scraping function, and it is extremely durable. ideal for zones 1 or 2, in an entrance with three separate zones. For outdoor and indoor use.

RIBBED INSERT An entrance mat consisting of ribbed (needle loom) inserts in aluminium profiles provides a highly durable and moisture-absorbing mat that really takes care of the “fine” dirt particles. Ideal for zone 2 in entrances with three separate zones. For indoor use.

The aluminium sections are held together by stainless steel wire (Ø3 mm) and rubber separators (3-6 mm), which make it easier to clean the entrance recess, as the mat can simply be rolled out of the way. The 10 version is intended for entrances with normal traffic, while the 17 version is intended for heavy traffic. The 22 version is recommended for entrances with heavy traffic; it can handle shopping trolleys, wheelchairs, pushchairs, buggies, etc.* Inserts can also be combined with each other.

The Entrance ALU is resistant against:
• Salt/snow-melting products (rubber).
• General chemical products that do not contain chlorine.

Technical specifications

 ATF tactile guide stripMeasurement (+/- 1mm)
MaterialManufactured from aluminium profiles (1,5 mm) with inserts and a sound insulating underlay. Profiles have alternating heights.10/1717/2222/27
Tactile guide strip RUBBER
White230 mm0,84110 G-ATF117 G-ATF122 G-ATF
Black230 mm0,15110 G-ATF117 G-ATF122 G-ATF
Tactile guide strip RIBBED
Black230 mm0,16110 R-ATF117 R-ATF122 R-ATF
Adapted to carpet230 x 230 mm110 DP-ATF117 DP-ATF122 DP-ATF
Load: 2500 kg/m2 (*max. weight per wheel 150 kg, for trolleys or similar with 4 wheels = max. 600 kg/each)


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